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Question from TekkersDE

What did you guys think of Saradomin's abandonment of Lumbridge? I, personally, found it very odd that he arrived in Lumbridge to protect it from Zamorak and then decided to leave, without a word, immediately after Zamorak is whisked away. I think it reinforces the argument that Saradomin really doesn't care at all about his followers, and is therefore no better than Zamorak, really.

Or, am I just crazy?



Question from Morumska

elllo guess's and host

morumska here

feeling lazy just going to type this one up today. Ok here goes,

interesting to see that bonds prices are decreasing on the GE , do you think that trade tax is a bit of a deterring factor? or do you think that the idea of bonds hasn't sunk into the community?

how often you should clean your keyboard? as i only recently cleaned my pc keyboard which was just covered in 5 years of eww (dust and grime thank you very much)

and what have you done with your old electronic devices? i made my first pc's case into a leg rest.

will be back with an audio q next time

morumska out

Question from Majyk

Dear hosts,

Do you think that there will ever be any choices in the game that the player will be able to make that will actually matter? Jagex has been stressing this with the new quest, but it seems superficial at best. I can't imagine, for instance, an important item that only some people could get based on choices they make during a quest.



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