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Audio Question from 101Duck1

Question from Duke Juker

Hey Show Hosts

A few questions this week.

Firstly, what do you all think will be the conclusion to the Battle of Lumbridge? It's clear Saradomin is going to win in terms of how many divine tears his followers have gathered (WHOOP WHOOP). Do you think Zamorak will be vanquished or banished? Or will he stick around (weakened or otherwise) to continue having an impact on Gielinor? A lot of people and groups worship Zamorak. His removal would have major repercussions all over Runescape. Do you think Saradomin will grow stronger, perhaps even more so than the other gods, from the outcome of this battle?

Second, do you think Jagex will ever make it possible to craft Soul Runes as in individually and not through ZMI? And if so, when will it happen? There is plenty of evidence to show that Jagex has planned on making this possible: images of a Soul talisman, an unusable gate in the Abyss for getting to the Soul Altar, a Soul Rune spot in the Wicked Hood, etc. And if and when it does happen, will this help the Runecrafting skill be more relevant and useful?

Lastly, what is your favorite title in Runescape?

Duke Juker

Question from PoisonNova

Dear Hosts,

What does Shane have against the environment?


Question from Lord Rickles

Hi Hosts!

You surely spent some time going over bonds in depth. I don't want to beat a dead horse. I'll just ask:

In a game where players are measured by both their skill levels and cash stacks, do bonds now give skills more "in game worth" than GP?

Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

About how much total money do you have on Runescape? I haven't checked in a while, but I believe my bank is worth 55-60m or so now.


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