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Audio Question from Morumska

Question from The RRMan

Hey guys simple this week and i'm sure people sure would have asked beforebut

What do you guys do to make a Living? Where do you work?

I am currently out of work as a stay at home dad, Just this afternoon I'v been updating my CV so I can get back to earning some real life gp.

Peace Out


Question from Veteran

Hey Hosts,

Just wondering, other than RuneScape, what was your best childhood game?



Question from Flash

Dear Shane, Trekkie, and DUKEEE,

Have you seen any fall foliage yet where you live? Where I live I've been seeing some colors appearing on a few of the trees over the past 2 weeks. I find it kind of strange that they're so early here because usually we don't get colors till early October. Any signs of fall so far for you guys?

P.S. Duke, get 99 wc already!!!


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