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Audio Question from Morumska

Audio Question from The RRMan

Question from Flash

Dear Shane and Trekkie,

After finding out that we'll need energy from Divination for the new skill next year, I am unsure what to do with my energies. Should I sell them or save them up? I'm somewhat low on cash so I really want to make some money by selling energy, but I also don't want to be stuck with nothing when the new skill comes out. I'm hoping that the price of energy will drop so that I can buy it later on, but I'm not sure if that'll happen. What do you guys think I should do with my energy, sell it or keep it? Thanks.


Question from Lord Rickles

Hello Hosts!

I have a question about the time frame of the Sixth Age for you guys. Jagex has eluded that the events going on will eventually come to an end. From a continuity stand point, do you think "God Wars II" will simply end and go away, or will there be a lasting effect that will alter many things about the game? Say for example that Zamorak dies - does that mean all the alters in the world devoted to him will change to some other god? Will quests have to change? Does the end of the Sixth Age mean the "end" of the game's story line? Jagex doesn't have the best track record of continuity even with Guthix gone, so what changes do you foresee?

Question from 101duck1

Hey all! I didn't have time to record an audio question so I'll keep it brief. My question for you this week is what do you guys do when you're under a lot of stress? I.e. what do you guys like to do to blow off steam? Personally, I like to fingerpaint. I would explain, but I won't for time's sake. Anyway, thanks for the awesome podcast and have a swell week of RuneScape!

Question from parkourman99

Hey there hosts, in my travels across the land, both in game and out, I have noticed that many people seem to think that RS is "Declining". Do you think there is any validity to there statement? Personally I love every part, right down to the micro-transactions! Keep up the great work and have fun 'Scaping!

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