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Audio Question from Pyrnassius

Question from Papero Hawt

If you have been training Divination, which location has been your most favorite so far? Mine has been the Golden Apple Tree. Thanks!


Question from TekkersDE

Hey gents! With Divination having been in the game for several days now, how do you think it stacks up against other gathering skills?



Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

You guessed it, another Divination question. Do you guys "quick hop"? If you don't know what that is, basically you hop to certain worlds in order to get the enriched pools, since they spawn at different times for different worlds. To do this you just have to find a friend's chat dedicated to quick hopping and add a few players that are "stationed" in the used worlds so that you can just join them instantly instead of waiting 30 seconds. I found a Friend's Chat for this and it's a pretty good method if you want maximum xp. I use it and I find it a little quicker to level than staying on one world. It seems most of the top players are using this method also. If you REALLY want to do some no life Divination, I recommend quick hopping. However if you just want to go at your own relaxed pace, that's fine.  :P

Sorry if this question doesn't make much sense to you guys... I tried to word it as best as I could  :-?


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