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hi hosts and eeeaaarrtthhh from captain planet

morumska here how ya all doing?

host's i been playing the game on the html5 client, and on the right bottom corner it seems like there is a little icon that indicates some sort of loading . i wonder what is it loading? some sort of in game asset? or something else?

my last question this week is when did you notice the differences in the other sex?

in this galaxy some years ago ,i was in year one only then i knew that the lady's did wee wee's in a sitting position. at year 5 or 6 when sex ed(physical education since the word got censored) hit , then a lot of questions was answered (eg puberty and yada yada) yet still there was some unanswered questions. it wasn't until late high school when i was reading some old encyclopedias that had all the question was answered. was I a late bloomer or just a uncaring idiot?

anyways text/ talk to you next time

morumska out

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