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  1. Vorago: High-level boss fight
  1. The NPC and Location (focus if desired)
  2. Rewards
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  2. Community Roundup: July 4, 2013
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  5. BTS Video 60: Bringing Home the Bacon
  6. RuneScape 3 Arrives July 22

Listener Questions

Audio Question from RRMan 100

        The aftermath of Vorago

Audio Question from Morumska

Audio Question from 101Duck1

Question from Veteran

Hello Hosts,

I was doing slayer as usual and I recently completed Desert Treasure, I was using the spell when I thought of an update that Jagex could implement with in the game.

What if the more you use a spell the more powerful it gets, so that the spells have a separate level themselves, what are your thoughts?


Question from Lord Fast Wesley

Hello Dear Hosts!!

I am back again but with only one question this time!

Considering all the problems, glitches, and weird goings ons with the Runescape 3 BETA...Do you really think that it is truly ready for official release and why or why not?

Thank You Good Sirs!

And Another Fine Day In The 'Scape To You All!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Fastwesley...Toodles!

Question from Nack

Hello, Nack here, with a question that comes in two parts, mainly for Shane.

Part one: If Starfleet existed, would you join?

Part two: In the event that you said yes to the above question, you have to decide between this show, and Starfleet. Which do you choose?

Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

Another question on the upcoming Divination skill for you guys this week. I have heard that they might use old-school training methods for this skill. Would you prefer Divination to be a quick skill or a slower paced one? I would actually want it to be a slow skill because I feel that the game is becoming too easy these days with updates like Runespan and bonfires allowing for faster and easier training for previously difficult to train skills. Level 99s used to mean a lot more because it was harder to train skills back then, but now they are very common and easy to get. In my opinion it would be great to see another skill where getting level 99 means something, not one that you can get 99 in a week or two.


Tech News

  1. Douglas Engelbart, visionary who invented the computer mouse, dies at 88
  2. Snowden and Assange Targeted by Mysterious Hacker "The Jester"
  3. Android Facebook app skips consent, gives Facebook server phone numbers

Other Things

  1. July 2013 SKOTM and June Winner: Addiv
  2. Achievements of The Week
  1. Eon - 99 Hunter, July 2, 2013
  2. Eon - 99 Ranged, June 30, 2013
  3. Grandpaguppy - 99 Ranged, June 28, 2013
  4. Paua - 99 Fletching, June 28, 2013
  1. July Informer Roundup
  2. Alex’s Pick:
  3. What have we been doing?

Show Data

  1. Episode Title: Dwarves and Dead Mice
  2. Teaser: Vorago appears and we find he’s an extremely friendly fellow! We also discuss the impact of the computer mouse on history as we know it.
  3. Recorded Date: July 5, 2013
  4. Release Date: July 6, 2013
  5. Hosts: Shane and Alex 43
  6. Duration: 1:45:28
  7. Editing Notes: None