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Listener Questions

Audio Question from Morumska

Audio Question from Pyrnassius


Question from Kyle

What are your thoughts on the new old school runescape? Coming from an older player who fell in love with Runescape in 2007 would you think i'd enjoy it? I truly feel kind of lost with the new EOC when i play so looking at just the update in terms of reading about it i feel like i would be back to playing the game as i knew it. Thanks for the time guys, and to King Kulla sorry about Luongo & Schneider being garbage.

Question from WatchTheThrone15

Well I have a burning desire to ask an 07 question but I wont. Instead im going to ask a question about a sore subject on rs, and maybe on rsbandb. I beleive I might have heard shane talk about this previously but, as we all know, gambling is a big part of RS. Dicing, to the horse game, and now to flowers. People have been cleaned, and people have become insanely rich. Anyway, my question is: If you jagex was to be forced to implement a new gambling system, what is your perfect system? Would you have gp mantained and distributed by jagex, or would keep this sense of SocioEconomic Capitalism with the rich feeding off the poor. Ive written to much. Finally, what would the game be?,15,729,64501663,2089,323497504,#2089

thanks- Dchibicolts

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  1. Episode Title: The Huggs Boson... Not Found
  2. Recorded Date: March 15, 2013
  3. Release Date: March 16, 2013
  4. Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and King Kulla
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