Runescape Discussion

  1. The Brink of Extinction
  1. Requirements
  2. - Shane’s Action Bar loadout for the quest
  3. Overview
  4. Rewards
  5. The Fight Cauldron and Obsidian Armour
  1. Tweaks and Fixes (Release Notes)
  2. Winter Weekends: Double Minigame Rewards for Members
  3. Squeal of Fortune: Combat Overload
  4. Solomon’s General Store: TokHaar Armour
  5. Behind the Scenes: December and BTS Video 30: Player Owned Ports

Listener Questions

Audio Question from Morumska

Audio Question from Lvly

Question from 99 Aegis

Discuss this issue:

The crashing economy

All in one haiku

evolution of combat is bad for us

sells off lifesaving to quit

now angry that the game didn’t die

Question from Veteran

Since the world is supposedly going to end soon, even though the mayans didn't add leap years to there calenders so the world should have ended a long time ago... Anyway - Say you survived rapture day, and you wake up in Vault 51, which 5 objects would you like to wake up too, oh and don't worry your family are alive and well, you are the last to wake up.



Tech News

  1. Steam Big Picture Mode Live
  2. Google+ adds Communities
  3. gameklip for android 

Other Things

  1. December SKOTM Update
  2. Achievements of The Week
  1. Jsbrules2 - 99 Fishing, December 1, 2012
  1. Shane’s Pick: Gmail App for iOS
  2. It’s that time of year again... (clip show)
  3. What have we been doing?

uncle dano 12 99s 

Show Data

  1. Episode Title: The Floor is Made of Lava
  2. Recorded Date: December 7, 2012
  3. Release Date: December 8, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane and Trekkie
  5. Duration: 1:31:21
  6. Editing Notes: Mic Mute