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Audio Question from Uncle Dano

Question from Zant

Dear Hosts,

What do you think of the new music that is being put into Runescape? New songs from Song from the depths, the Crucible, and Carnillean rising have all been great sounding music, that actually sound as if being played by real instruments rather than MIDI. My favorite song is Wending Through the Willows, which is a live recording of a vocalist and a piano, and it sounds amazing!!!!! If you have not heard it, I suggest you listen to it. Every time an update to the game comes out, I get excited to see what new music they are going to add since it has been very good music recently. So, what do you think of how the music is going, and what is your favorite recent song added to RuneScape?

Love Zant

Question from Morumska

hi shane and temple trekkie

what is your favorite eating utensil ? mine is the spork . a spoon and a fork together what a genius idea, i still remember when i was a little lad when i first used the plastic kfc spork it blew my mind.

Do you think jagex should remove or update the minigames that no ones plays (ie vine sucker, trouble brewing, gnome restaurant ....etc) since no ones plays them and the rewards suck surely if they remove the mini games it would tax less on the server , then again would it crash the game code? or start fresh again some how?

lastly tech question do you think apple should put out a dumb down version of the current iphone, frankly not every one uses the internet on the phone and needs a quad cpu, and surely they could reuse the last gen hardware that is floating around in abundance, to have cheaper phone and fulfill the basic needs suitable for the elderly and the young teenagers?



Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

Do you guys play any sports? If so, what sports do you play, and which one is your favorite? I play basketball, American football, and tennis, and my favorite and first sport is basketball. How about you guys?


Question from Parkourman99

Here are my questions!

1. What is your all time favorite Star Trek episode?

2. Do you like Star Wars, and have you seen the Star Wars The Clone Wars tv show? If so, what do you think of it?



Pump 5 audio question rule

Tech News

  1. Soon you can download all your tweets
  2. Microsoft pledges temporary fix for critical IE bug under attack
  3. iPhone 5 and iOS 6 released, a success.

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  1. Kangas Khan - 99 Fletching, September 21, 2012
  2. Jason 72 - 99 Ranged, September 15, 2012
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  1. Episode Title: Challenge Accepted
  2. Recorded Date: September 22, 2012
  3. Release Date: September 22, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane and Trekkie
  5. Duration: 1:11:15
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