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Audio Question from Earth

Question from Pyrnassius

Hi Guys

Thanks for the trophy last week. Doing the fishing SKOTM made me try out Fish Flingers for the first time. Aside from the good XP for each game (between 18-20K), I earned the fishing outfit, which was giving me a bonus 9.5xp per rocktail, as well as the tackle box which holds 12 additional fish. I know barbarian fishing is quicker, but I like to earn something that will be of value later in the game when I skill. Playing that D&D got me to thinking about other mini-games in Runescape and the bonuses you can get from them. Which ones do you play, or if you don't play them, which ones do you think are worthwhile and which ones should be left alone? Thanks for your time answering this.

Happy Runescaping

Pyrnassius (and for Shanes information, it is pronounced PERN-ASS-IUS)

Question from Lord Rickles

Howdy Hosts,

Time to jump start Shane into political-mode! It's been forever since we had a good discussion on politics! I'll however keep it north of the maple leaved boarder on this one.

What are your thoughts on the recent election of Pauline Marois to Quebec's premier-designate? Do you think there will be any real shakeup, or is she and the whole separationalist party just a fringe and irrelevant group? I mean, I don't think it'd be any real loss to let the Frenchies do their own thing up there.

And bonus question: Any plans for a live podcast anytime soon? I'd really like to see this for every show, but maybe it'd be nice to do when the Evolution of Combat comes out into the full game. Just a thought.

Thanks and much love from your loyal listener,

Lord Pickles

Question from Bonsai99

Dear Hosts,

This week I have 2 questions regarding account security.

With the release of Jagex Account Guardian do you think Jagex should have made it mandatory, as opposed to opt-in? I can't see it being as effective as it could be if everyone was forced to use it.

Also, is there any reason for Jagex to not develop something similar to the Mobile Blizzard Authenticator which is available for both android and apple devices? Jagex have made iPhone apps before so it obviously should not be difficult for them and could possibly reduce customer support costs.

Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

What kind of weather do you guys like and why? I personally prefer days that are cool and mostly cloudly because I hate hot weather and sunshine is pretty annoying when it blinds me, and it makes hot weather feel even worse. I don't like when it's too cold though because then it starts to feel uncomfortable, and I also don't like it completely cloudly because it looks pretty depressing and gloomy.What about you guys?


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  1. Episode Title: Foreign Affairs
  2. Recorded Date: September 7, 2012
  3. Release Date: September 8, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane and Trekkie
  5. Duration: 1:39:56
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