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Question from Kleeed

Dear Pokémon,

I have 2 questions;

1: I recently jail broke my iPhone 4s after finding out the Apple confirmed there was no legal issues involved in jail breaking one's iDevice, of course I have found it has benefits with the extra features it allows, such as customisable themes and tweaks to make your device more personalised, i personally believe it shows the true abilities of iDevices. My question is, what is your view on jail breaking, and if you were to call the shots from Apples point of view, what would you do?

2: Also recently, i have been getting horrific pains in the back of my mouth/gums, after further review and consulting a doctor, it turns out my wisdom teeth are finally coming out of there shell so to speak. Have your wisdom teeth appeared yet? and if so what has happened?


P.S This is my first post on return to RSBandB

Question from Duke Juker

Dear Hosts,

Have you gone to see the Dark Knight Rises movie yet? If so, what did you think of it (better or worse than the other films/good ending to the trilogy)? If you haven't see it yet, I suggest you do go soon.

Also, who is your favorite NPC in Runescape?

Lastly, I've been wondering lately about the experience scale for leveling skills. Do you think it should be modified or kept as is?

Duke Juker

Questions from Ka Pai

Dear Shane,

Due to the infestation of bots herb prices have crashed, herb farming at large profits was my motivation for farming. I haven't touched a farming patch in months.

Do you find low herb prices demotivational

Shane, do you farm trees and fruits trees after 99? If so, why????

Thanks Ka Pai (pronounced 'car pie')

Question from Scream Truth

Dear Hosts,

How much is too much?

It seems that jagex has a very noticeable liking to particle effects on players items like capes, head gear and other items. So how much particles is too much?

Question from Flash

Dear hosts,

I just wanted to know that how come on the RSBANDB high scores, Shane and Mike's names have recently changed to orange for Admin now but until today they were green for Site Owner? I'm guessing it's not a big deal but I'm just curious since on the forums you guys are still Site Owners.


Note about questions

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  4. Duke Juker - 99 Firemaking, July 29, 2012
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  1. Episode Title: Prisoners of Walrus
  2. Recorded Date: August 3, 2012
  3. Release Date: August 4, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and Earth
  5. Duration: 1:19:37
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