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Audio Question from Killjoy (x)

Audio Question from RRMan 100

Question from Duke Juker

Dear hosts,

Runescape question: I just got a membership for the next three months (yes it finally happened). Currently I'm chopping ivy to 83 so I can do the Jadinko lair for 99 firemaking. After firemaking, what skill or skills do you think I should work on or what things should I do? I'm already planning on doing as many quests as I possibly can.

Tech question: What do you each think will be the next biggest development in regards to the internet (specifically a website providing a service, but whatever you think about the question is fine)?

Gaming question: Ignore any fan boy instincts you may have with this question. Do you see another console war coming about with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo soon? If so and in all seriousness, who do you think will come out with the best overall console (all details and features considered)?

Random question: If you could go forward or back in time, when in time would you like to go?

Not sure if I can or should ask to be on the anniversary show seeing as I'm staff and have opportunities to be on otherwise.


Duke Juker

Question from optimaniac (x)

dear hosts,

just wondering if lacrosse is a popular sport in the regions you are from and if you enjoy watching the sport. i personally love the sport and i know that it is mainly an east coast sport so if you dont mind giving your opinion that would be great.

i would love to be on the show


Question from Morumska (x)

dear Shane , temple Trekkie and maybe special co host.

it's been a few week's since the QBD has been out, what questions me is why is there a dragon kin lair in asgarnia? did they build it before the 3rd age? do you think it merits a quest for the back story of this dungeon?

speaking of monsters what is the deal with those star sprites from the shooting star D & D, those teletubbies claim that they are going some where else when i mine them out every time, or is it? i think those ET's are up to something coming down to runescape every so often, they must be on a plan to invade us !

I started farming my own herbs and secondary's to level my herb and found out through clan mates that the level 65 dungeonering rewards dungeon at edgeville had a limp root re spawn points with magic trees with no bots =) ( just a tip)

With apple's mountain lion OS due by next month, do you think apple is on the right track for OS update/upgrade cycles?

last thing how was my comic on Rw #comics

i would like to be on the show for the celebration +).

cheers Morumska.

Question from Daemon-Maxis

Hi there RSBandBupdate!

So I'm getting close to some of my first 99's. But I'm have a real lack of motivation to keep skilling in those skills. For example I have level 87 wc. Every time I sit in front of ivy, I loose all motivation to continue wc. Any idea's on how I can keep skilling fresh and exciting?

Thanks guys!

Yours Daemon-Maxis

Question from Zac Glenn

Dear RSBANDBUpdate team and this week's guests,

What is the most recent book you've read for pleasure? Have you ever listened to an audiobook? Which do you prefer more: reading books or listening to audiobooks and why?

Have you bought or won any fish masks in RuneScape? If so, how many to do have?

Thank you,


Note about audio questions

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  1. IPv6 could shield criminals from police

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  1. Episode Title: The 200M Milestone
  2. Recorded Date: June 15, 2012
  3. Release Date: June 16, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane and Trekkie
  5. Duration: 1:23:42
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