Runescape Updates

  1. Fish Flingers Improvements
  2. Tweaks and Fixes (Release Notes)
  3. The Squeal of Neptune
  4. A bit more on the combat rework info from Massively
  5. Email Validation Reward - Reminder
  6. Quizzing J-mods with RuneCast

RSBANDBUpdate! Focus: Flipping


Audio Question from RR Man 100 (x)

Audio Question from JasonC

Question from 1 Stone Pwn

Dear Shwaflcopter and associates,

Two questions this week.

First, what games have you been looking forward to this year? If they've already come out, did they deliver?

Second, given the recent updates to Runecrafting and Firemaking, do you foresee any updates to older skills such as Fishing, Smithing, and Crafting? If so, how do you think they will be implemented?



Question from Jonny Great

Hello Shane. M4cB3nn3tt here. This actually stands for Mac Bennett by the way. What was your first 99 and why did you choose for this to be your first 99? Also do you believe in grinding? I personally think that if you want to get a 99 that it should be one that you enjoy not one that you push yourself at non-stop to get. Thank you guys

Question from DarkAbyss757 (x)

Dear Shane, Trekkie, and Shwa.

Have you been watching the live coverage of E3? If so, what were you looking forward to? If it has already been shown,

did it live up to your expectations? Has anything been shown that you are now excited for? I personally am greatly looking forward to Assassins Creed III, but I felt the Sony portion of the show fell a bit flat.

Also, I would love to be entered into the get on the show contest!



Note about audio questions

Tech News

  1. IPv6 Turned on at Google and in France
  2. Google unveils full 3D Google Earth feature
  3. Microsoft Tries a Reboot on the Xbox 360 as a Living Room PC

Other Things

  1. June SKOTM Update
  2. Achievements of The Week
  1. Yakhunta - 99 Firemaking, June 7, 2012
  2. Sky Jace - 99 Woodcutting, June 3, 2012
  3. 1 Stone Pwn - 99 Summoning, June 1, 2012
  1. Shwa’s Pick:         
  2. June Contest: Tell us if you want to be on the show
  3. What have we been doing?

Show Data

  1. Episode Title: Flipping the Fish
  2. Recorded Date: June 8, 2012
  3. Release Date: June 9, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and Shwa
  5. Duration: 1:47:28
  6. Editing Notes: Insert Focus