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  1. Wild Weekends: Double Drops and Monkey Mayhem
  2. Stomp the Bosses
  3. The Evolution of Combat: Beta Sign-Up
  4. 15 Bonus Spins with 90 and 100 day RuneScape Game Cards
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Question from Nomad

Dear Shane and Trekkie,

I have been playing Skyrim alot recently, and I just got level 100 Smithing. I had some questions over Skyrim this week. If neither of you play Skyrim then discard my question. Anyway, I was wonding who is your favorite person in Skyrim, and what skill do you like the most along with the best methods to train that skill?



Question from Bryan

Hello. This is my first question with Trekkie as the new co-host! Late welcome!

What are some memorable things wikiHow's ever taught you two to do? How 'bout a story? I remember asking on RuneWire how the heck does a person use a dishwasher. We got one free in 2000, but never learned how to use it, builders installed it without any reference manuals. Since the community tried the hardest but couldn't help (because we had some old-fashioned dishwasher or something) I googled and used stumbled upon a wikiHow reference. It sort of worked. Now we know that dishwashers suck. What a waste of damn detergent. Today, I learned a bunch of stuff about tea and sore throat remedies. Not all that useful information, but it's the cause of this whackily-written question.

Shane, have you ever had a question on the podcast where someone asked for a follow-up or an inquiry regarding past Update! picks? This is one of them. Would you have remembered that? :O

I hope you live a long, long, long, and happy life Trekkie. Shane too.

Miserably yours,


Question from Riceay13

Shane and Trekkie,

Do you think there could be a college/university level class pertaining to RuneScape? It could touch on some of the computer science elements, examine the RS economy, and social interactions between users! If so, would you enroll?  

And Trekkie! No more picking on me at RuneSpan!


Question from Morumska

dear shane and temple trekkie

When will the Questions We Get Asked Frequently( page be updated with trekkies profile as well?

Also what are your predictions of future game content/(s) that will come in game ? i believe that if the eastern land comes out, the sun image on the home teleport interface will have an teleportable island.

And trekkie did you get offended with my paint picture of you on runewire about the bonfire update? +)

cheers morumska

Tech News

  1. Facebook IPO stumbles out of the gate

The Real difference in these - minus Google. is that these companies actually SELL something. They have a physical product. Even Oracle. Facebook is peoples pictures in their drunken state on a Friday night.

That said with the intelligence in this country drunken pictures on a Friday night are probably more valuable then an i-pad or Windows 7 to most people.

  1. Finnish court rules open WiFi network owners aren’t responsible for all actions on the network
  2. United States Department of Justice (DOJ) says citizens may record police officers on duty

Other Things

  1. May SKOTM Update
  2. Achievements of The Week
  1. Monstermas22 - 99 Runecrafting, May 17, 2012
  2. Blethorskite - 99 Runecrafting, May 14, 2012
  3. Riceay13 - 99 Runecrafting, May 13, 2012
  4. The RRMan - 99 Cooking, May 12, 2012
  1. Paul’s Pick: Secunia PSI
  2. We Tweet @RsbandbStaff
  3. What have we been doing?

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  2. Recorded Date: May 18, 2012
  3. Release Date: May, 19, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and Paul
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