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  1. The Runespan
  2. Tweaks and Fixes (Release Notes)
  3. Performance Improvement Update
  4. Wild Weekends
  5. Behind the Scenes - May
  1. Waking Moments
  1. SoF Feedback Response
  2. RuneScape at MCM


Audio Question from Klamse

Question from 1taggerung1

Hey hosts! I plan on making commentaries this summer, as I've previously mentioned, but I seem to have run into a problem. I currently just have a $20 headset, that needs replacing, and was wondering if you had any suggestions on a good mic at a decent price? I'm looking at a Snowball at the moment but I'll just be beginning this summer and don't want to use $70 on a mic when I'm brand new.

  1. USB Mic/Headset
  2. The mic Shane and Davo use

Question from The Ger Man

Hello Shane, Trekkie and Davo!

Recentely, I have started taking a Uncle Dano-like look at Runescape. Now when I play, I want too try too be more of The_Ger_Man, noble knight of Guthix, and less of Kevin, noble nerd of much soda and football. Do you think RuneScape needs more player like Uncle Dano? Personaly I think Gielinor would be much better place if it had more knights and less angry gamers caling each other vulgar names and playing only for statistic.


The_Ger_Man / Kevin

Question from Zant

Harrow Der Shayane, Twekke, and Dayvooo.

If you could design your own update for Runescape, it can be anything you want, what would it be?

Thanks for answering....


Tech News

  1. Samsung Galaxy S III
  2. Yahoo confirms fabricated info on new CEO’s Resume
  3. Facebook sets $28 to $35 IPO price range

Other Things

  1. May SKOTM Update
  2. Achievements of The Week
  1. PoisonNova  - 99 Magic, April 28, 2012
  1. Dave’s Pick: Mass Effect 3 - Endline - Letters of Remembrance
  2. Informer Roundup
  3. Video Update
  4. What have we been doing?

Show Data

  1. Episode Title: The Rune Attention Span
  2. Recorded Date: May 4, 2012
  3. Release Date: May 5, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and Davo
  5. Duration: 1:46;44
  6. Editing Notes: None