Runescape Updates

  1. Bakriminel Bolts
  1. How to make
  2. New combat targeting options.
  3. A hypothetical max loadout for using these bolts.
  4. The results.
  1. Tweaks and Fixes
  1. Loyalty Program Refunds
  1. Troll Invasion Audio
  2. Players’ Gallery 33 - Anything Goes


Question from Firering401

Dear hosts, do you listen to podcasts at "2x" speed with the music/ipod app on iOS? Well, interesting fact. The 2x speed on iOS isn't actually 2x speed, it is about 1.5x.

Also, what do you think the world would be like if Oprah was president?



Question from Halodude101

Dear hosts,

Assuming that you have a clan, have you ever used a clan citadel? My clan requires weekly upkeep, and over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that it is fairly decent exp in the chosen skill. What are your thoughts on this?

Also, what did you guys do for the BXPW? I did a farming run and got 189k farming exp! and almost 2 levels



Question from Ranging God

Do you think older bosses like KQ and Dagg Kings need an item drop upgrade? Also, do you think RS needs more team huntable bosses?

Question from Morumska

hello Shane and Trekkie ,

morumska is back from holidays (well since last week) how was bonus xp weekend i manage to gain 30 plus levels and all skills are over 50 =) when would u think combat gear would rise again as i have a few things i have invested during the special time weekend.

what is your favorite mid night snack for just when u are just a bit hungry, call me crazy but mine is cereal.

thanks morumska

Question from Marking22

Is there a way where you can make it that we can see people's runescape name on SKOTM? Also is there a reward for getting SKOTY?

Question from Endeaver

What are your predictions for the Morytania Task effects? This includes the leg armour and active effects.

Tech News

  1. Twitter turns 6
  2. Apple sold 3 million iPad’s by Monday
  3. Microsoft Builds Windows 8 Powered Ford Mustang with Xbox, Kinect

Other Things

  1. March SKOTM Update
  2. Achievements of The Week
  1. 1 Stone Pwn - 99 Attack - Mar 21, 2012
  2. Izant - 99 Defence - Mar 21, 2012
  3. Lunastra - 99 Prayer - Mar 21, 2012
  4. Touchpad Pro - 99 Herblore - Mar 17, 2012
  5. Jmycenae - 99 Herblore - Mar 16, 2012
  6. Riceay13 - 99 Thieving - Mar 16, 2012
  1. Shane’s Pick: Angry Birds Space
  2. Come Write With Us
  3. #ShanesPictures
  4. What have we been doing?

Show Data

  1. Episode Title: Boom Headshot
  2. Recorded Date: March 23, 2012
  3. Release Date: March 24, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane and Trekkie
  5. Duration: 1:27:56
  6. Editing Notes: None