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Audio Question from DG Colts

Question from AndyMaster24

Say, the news reveals that all scientific data regarding the life cycle of a star was wrong and our sun was going to expand rapidly, making Earth unlivable. Fortunately the world governments were informed far in advance and building giant spaceships with plenty of room for all the people on Earth to board if they choose. There is no destination currently and they have no plan of where to go. The spaceships have a communist style of rule and it's non negotiable.

Do you choose to (A) decide to stay with Earth as it's destroyed knowing you will die soon, or (B) board the spaceships and head towards the unknown and give up all you know?

Question from Firering401

Shane: Does storing an encrypted volume inside another encrypted volume make it more secure? I have been listening to security now, starting from episode 1, which is why I have become more and more concerned with security and privacy.

I would think if you had several volumes stored in other volumes, with different keys and hash/encryption methods (AES first/lowest volume, AES-Twofish for the volume you put the first in [and so on] also switching hashes between SHA-512, RIPEMD-160, and Whirlpool)... Wouldn't it be theoretically possible to make your data 10^trillion times more secure? Do you think I am being paranoid? After all, I am trying to adopt as many gibsonian practices as I can (I am on episode 70 now)

P.S, The only thing I have in my encrypted volumes (as of today) are: Personal image backups, docs for school, receipts, work documents, contact backups, OPML backups, evernote backups, the bases to my password system, code backups, and iOS crash log backups.. (Synced with several backup servers and cloud servers)

Question from Meltdown

Hey guys..

Just wondering why it is so hard to replicate 1:1 movement on a touch device? In touch device s when you hold and drag, the item seems to lag behind your finger a little bit. Faster movements exaggerate this...

Is this as simple as that the software is making a compromise to preserve battery life? Is 1:1 tracking simply too hard on hardware at this point? or maybe this is totally software based (tracking algorithms... all that gritty stuff)..

Thanks a lot, looking forward to listening

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