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Question from koil163

Hello Hosts,

Do you consider yourself Sxe? Also, what is a good way to make money? I have about 1.3 mil and I want to buy a Saradomin Sword.

Sxe Koil, Out!

Question from RRMan 100

Greetings Hosts,

Have you ever heard of the you tube channel Runeshark, if so what do you think?

If not Id just like to increase awareness of them, they do guides and update videos that are quite fun to watch.

secondly why dont you guys do a video podcast, because shane in this day and age you should not be worried about showing your face online.

Peace out

Question from Mercifull

How will the rsbandb high scores feature work now that Jagex are removing f2p players from the lists? and

What do you think rsbandb do to increase it's fan site status with Jagex? It already offers useful tools, has a small but friendly community and a weekly podcast which MMG has even introduced on one occasion. There are no posts giving information how to cheat, scam or rule break, there are no advertisements for competing games such as Warcraft or Skyrim (or at least I've not seen any). I'm not really sure what other things Jagex expect or gold/platinum sites...

Question from The Ger Man

Hallo my friends! Very easy question this week!

How difficult you think Devious Minds (the quest) is? Do you re call what level you did it at? How much combat involved? I am working toward Temple at Senntisten and this is requirement.



Question from Lord Paschendale

dear chiefy and shaneykins XD

i have but few questions this week

- do either of you play minecraft?...if so: do you have a server...if so: may i join?

- ive missed a lot of RS updates due to being slightly obsessed with minecraft...what did i miss?

- do you have any plans for the rsbandb youtube channel?

- im in the process of getting ideas to add to an RSBANDB Clan recruitment vid for you have any suggestions?...also: would you be interested in being in it or being a part of the development?

If you are then please contact me via the rsbandb messaging system!

thanks and have a wonderful time in the world of runescape and godspeed to you all!


(aka Fastwesley)

Question from Chunk

Shane, honestly, do you care if people post stuff non-related to Runescape? Such as minecraft, music, etc...

Note about sending questions

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Show Data

  1. Episode Title: We’re Not Sexy  Enough for Video
  2. Recorded Date: November 18, 2011
  3. Release Date: November 19, 2011
  4. Hosts: Shane and Chief Snake
  5. Duration: 1:32:02
  6. Editing Notes: Preserving the magic.