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Audio Question from Gnomethorian

Question from aew 2100
Alright,what do you guys think about all the botting that's going on? Do like the economy or what? Pretty much what are you thoughts on all that?

Question from Ben

And now, an opinion-based question.

Oh, it's from Ben.

Dear hosts, have you noticed an increase in scamming in recent weeks? It seems to me like there's more scamming going on than there was before free trade was removed.

Question from Minergoo
Dear people who make the podcast:

Who is the intro and outtro music by? It was stuck in my head yesterday.

Question from Zant Twilit
Dear Shane and (Insert name here),

1) Have you guys ever gone "bot busting?" This is where you find bots, and do things to make them stop what they are doing. For example, a few friends and I went to the green dragons in the wilderness and killed the bots. We even tried to get them to skull on us by dressing my friend up as a green dragon, which was unsuccessful. If you have ever been bot busting, what is your favorite way to do so?

2) A few weeks ago, Jagex updated the bank pin system to make it almost completely lag free, even if you are in a place such as world 2 at the Grand Exchange. Do you think they could do the same with the other interfaces, such as inventory, prayers, etc.?



Question from DILLSN0OB

Hey Shane and mysterious guest, DILLSN0OB again. (let me know if you are sick of me yet:) I am planning to get members: what is the first skill you would train and why? In your opinion is high alching bad for the economy? In my opinion it is because it is spawning money and not taking it from other players, as a result there is more money in the economy than there was before therefore making everything worth more gp but the same percentage of all of the money in runescape forcing other players to earn more money to keep up. Are there enough people alching to make a difference? Thanks again for making the epicest runescape podcast ever: DILLSN0OB

Question from nack
Dear Shane and who I am going to guess is Pika or Brad

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done on a dare if anything? If this has never happened answer question two. 
Question two: Have you ever had a teacher that was a awesome teacher but nobody will admit it because they were strict mine was Ms.Melletii I personally thought she was a fun teacher also.

Question from Darkauraownz

Hey guys its darkauraownz again, and last week i listened to the podcast and tried out your suggestions. Herblore habitat was AWFUL...but i found dungeoneering over skype to be fun. So this week i was making goals for herblore and thought id ask what a good leveling plan would be from level 64-88. I was looking at super attacks because of the decent gp/xp. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Question from The Ger Man

Hello Shane!
Yesterday my good friend from Mönchengladbach who now lives in Ireland found about 8000 cannonballs on the floor of the Grand Exchange, which gave him an instant 2 million gp profit. Have you, or the mystery cohost, found any good, random drops from other players? Or for that matter have you gotten any loot from people dying?

Du hast mich,
The Ger Man

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