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Question from Ben
Dear King Kulla and/or other host(s):

Is stringing yew longbows the best way to get fletching experience without losing money?

Not affiliated with the mafia,

P.S. I am not affiliated with that guy in Varrock named Max either.

Question from DILLSN0OB
Hey Shane and king kulla, DILLSN0OB again, thanks for answering my questions last week, I have several more: 1. Is it worth getting membership if I only have time to play for 30 minutes a day? 2. What is being done about the people in the grand exchange selling rs gold for real-world money? 3. Do you like the new clan system or do you prefer the old one? 4. Which video game would do you thing would make the best movie and vice versa? (which movie do you think would make the best video game) Thanks again and feel free to check out my stats: lizzie21m. Keep up the epic work: DILLSN0OB

Question from Jeki
ear Hosts

I was wondering if I could pick your brains this week 

1) My first question is what are you views on the assassination of the infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden? I think it was long over due and wonder why it took so long to track him down. 
2) Have you ever been grounded for anything? And If so what? Have you ever done something that you know your parents would disapprove of? 
3) I was wondering if you ever considered doing a Live show perhaps once a month every

Keep up the great show!

Thanks as always.

Question from darkauraownz
HAi rsbandb  i just recently came back to runescape after a fairly long break. I'm finding myself less interested with the game and was wondering if you guys knew of anything fun and different to do, because id like to stick with this game for a bit longer, but want something new to do. Thanks, darkauraownz

Question from The Ger Man
Hallo again Shane and Kulla! The Ger Man here!
This week I have a question about weapons. Would now be a good time for a noob like me to buy a Bandos Godsword? I need to buy one eventually, but do want to wait until price is lowest.

The Ger Man

Question from MageGuy08
Dearest Shane and Hosts,
How do you guys feel about Vancouver becoming a commanding team in the NHL?

Thanks, Magic

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