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Audio Question from Kill 1 1988

Question from Ben
To all hosts: What did you think of Portal 2?

To all hosts that didn't play Portal 2: [earthvoice]Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?[/earthvoice]

Question from Nack
Hello Shane and Paulina if you could bring 5 historical figures to a dinner party dead or alive who would it be and what would be one question you would ask them mine are jack the ripper, atilla the hun, Richard Ramírez jeffrey dahmer and christopher eccleston. i would ask them why they did what the did to make themselves famous

Question from DILLSN0OB
Sorry that I sent a question already to Shane I couldn't figure it out but now I have. Whatever. I am f2p and need to level up my runecrafting. Any recommendations? Also I only have 2.6 mil any recommendations for this? If you could pick any runescape quest to remove which one would it be and why? Also what was your favorite quest that you would like to see a sequel to? Thanks for reading: dillsn0ob

Question from Morumska
hi Shane and crew

I've been playing elder scrolls oblivion like crazy for the past two weeks, and i really liked the architecture in the game, and i would like to live a house in those fashion.
which leads me to ask , what rune scape building would you like to be built in real life to live in? (modern utility's included ) and you can have 1 rune scape related decoration what would it be ( i e: a suit of standing rune Armour, garden gnomes that look like the gnomes in rune scape) .

that's all 

also i would like my name pronounced as (more- rum- ska) but what ever you feel comfortable with.

Question from The Ger Man

allo Shane and Paul!
I have a Runescape question this week, and another hockey question. First off, Is it better in your opionion two use SuperCompost on Yew Trees or pay the farmer cactus spines, because they are very expensive! Also, I watched Vancouver's hockey game earlier this week, and I am going to watch their game against the Predators soon (even though it is very early in the morning here), I just want to know how many series there are until the Championship Game? I feel like I have made several English error in this, but I must go watch the game, so I am very sorry! Oh and you said Schalke right, they are a football team from my homecity Gelsenkirchen.

The Ger Man

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