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Question from Lord Paschendale

3: what is the farthest you have been away from home?
6: is Camtasia a good software to use for making screen and audio recordings?...i need more vids for my channel...
8: i am looking to buy a good headset for recording screen+audio vids and for skype for under 50$...any suggestons?...preferably ones that work easily and well with macs.

Thanks again!

Question from Jmycenase
Dear Chief and Shane,

Now that it has been almost three months since free trade returned, I would like to hear your thoughts about the impact on Runescape's economy. Some items, especially rares, seem to have skyrocketed in price. One reason might be that people are no longer limited by having to trade junk for high price items, so the price has risen. I am confused by the crashing items, though, like whips, which have plummeted from almost 4 million to only about 1 million. What is the explanation for this? Could it be that PKing has caused so many of these items to be obtained from killed players that the market is flooded with them? That seems unlikely to me, but what is your opinion?

Also, have you found that, as Shane suspected, a second economy has been created outside the G.E. which is creating a different set of prices? 

Thanks for your thoughts,


Question from Bonsai99
Dear Shane and Chief Snake

What would your reaction be if someone from Rsbandb showed up at your door?

Thanks for answering my question, 

Question from The Ger Man

Hallo Shane and everyone's favorite co-host!
I have a quick question this week, as well as some news from the life as a (hardly) bilingual!
First off, I have just bought the North American channel on my television and it shows Canadian hockey often! Which team should I support, as Germans cannot play hockey (we all fall down).
And also, I would just like to say that the RSbandbupdate clan chat is very respectful to my lack of English (I work hard on these questions and take about 30 minutes making sure I have good grammar and spelling), and I appreciate that RSbandb has such a mature audience.

Es Liebe Schalke!
The Ger Man

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