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Audio Question from Papero

Question from Parkourman99
Hello Star Trekalicious Shane, Katalysmic King Kulla, and Paranormal Paul!

I have two questions this week:

First, do you think Jagex has any plans on raising any other skills to level 120? 
And second if you could raise any skill to level 120, what would it be, why, and what would those higher levels contain?
Personally I would raise smithing to 120, and lower the level for rune, and make it possible to make dragon armour!

Thanks and keep up the great show,


Question from Ben
Dear subject name here,

Have you played Portal? Are you excited for Portal 2?

Question from MageGuy08
Dear Kulla, Shane, and Paul,

What did you think of major school projects? Which subjects did you enjoy doing projects for and which ones did you hate? Also, did any of you ever feel that your teachers conspired to make a bunch of major assignments due around the same time?


Question from Sherdo

Dear Shane, King, and Paula,
I was wondering your opinion on something I thought of the other day.
I was going on one of my farm runs and thought to myself why doesn't Runescape alert me somehow when my trees/herbs are done? It would be very convenient if along with grand exchange updates I was notified that my patches were done. Also what would be even nicer would be an email, text, or something along those lines. I'm kinda sick of doing the math in my mind with trees/herbs and it would be really useful for me to know when my patches are done without having to get on the computer. Any thoughts or improvements? And do you think Jagex would ever implement something like this?

Mister Sherdo

Question from Optimaniac
dear Shane Paul and Kulla,
i was wondering what you guys thought about having a messaging system that allowed you to send a message to a friend who was offline and they would get it when the logged in.
thanks optimaniac

Question from morumska
Dear Shane,King Kulla and Paul,

Recent listener and first time questioner , i have a Apple question for you all. I have my eyes set on a mac book pro , the only thing holding me back is if i should upgrade the ram to 8 gb and HD to a SSD thanks. i will manly use it for entertainment (runescape DVD's) and some audio editing in the future.

here are the specs as follows 

2.7GHz Dual-core Intel Core i7
4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM — 2x2GB
500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
Intel HD Graphics 3000 
2.7GHz Dual-core Intel Core i7
8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM — 2x4GB
128GB Solid State Drive
Intel HD Graphics 3000 

i was wondering if you have any tips for training agility , currently lv 44 and i want 60 (so i can go to god wars dung.

cheers thanks a lot morumska

Question from Jmycenae

Dear Shane, Paul, and Kulla,

I have another bank-related question this week. Would it be possible for Jagex to provide us with a total bank value? I have wondered this ever since they provided us with the price checker. If we can learn the total value of all the items we are holding in our inventory, it seems that we should be able to have a little area at the bottom of our bank screen showing the total value of all tradeable items in the bank. 

Would this be easy, or would it involved some insurmountably difficult programming challenges for Jagex?



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