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Audio Question from YakHunta

Audio Question from Earth

Question from Zant Twilit
Shane and Chief (and any other people who may appear on this show),

One question this week....

Do you guys have an outfit you wear on Runescape when you are skilling, or just waundering about? I know Shane has one with his farming cape, but do you have any others. I have a friend that has taught me to make amazing outfits. My favorite one consists of a cosmic body, dragon platelegs, cosmic boots and gloves, zamorak stole, dragon claws, attack cape, and ringmaster hat. Making outfits is one of the things in this game that allows players to be creative, which I love.

Congratulations on 300 episodes!

Love, Zant.

Question from Jmycenae
Dear Shane and Chief,

Do you believe that Jagex should supply more bank space?

I find that I am constantly juggling my full bank, having to dispose of items whenever a new quest or activity comes out which adds to the list of belongings I would like to keep. I have avoided trying some of the newer activities because I know that I would end up with more items to try to fit in. My bank doesn't have any real junk in it - just lots of things that I am saving for later skilling or other activities. 

I believe that when updates occur which add items to the game, an addition to bank space should be added as well.

What do you think?


Question from Jrdgames

Dear Shane and Brad,
I am in need of a free podcast host. I see you use Podtrac for RSBANDBUpdate!, I have been using Mediafire but they do not allow direct linking to the files or streaming for free so I have a few questions for you.
Is Podtrac 100% free?
If you had to pick another host for RSBANDBUpdate! who would it be and why?

How does it feel to have produced 300 shows?

Question from Dothal Detra
First off, I'd like to congratulate you guys on 300 shows. Most RuneScape related podcasts don't last for 10. I've been listening since show 201, and my doesn't time travel fast?

Anyways, on to my questions. First off, I just build my new computer, and I went a bit overboard and got myself a Phenom X6 1090T: Do you think I'm going to regret this with more Sandy Bridge chips coming out and bulldozer just around the corner? I'm making videos all the time, and this processor with my 8GB of RAM takes a lot of the pain out of rendering video, so in my opinion, getting 6 cores was worth it.

Secondly, what is the worst final grade you've ever gotten in a school class? I was sick for 2 weeks and didn't know about a History project worth 1/3 of my grade, and report cards are printed tomorrow. I went from having an A to having a D+. I'm doing my best right now to finish this up and get it in. Even if I get a C on this project, I'll still get my overall grade up to a B.

Thirdly, what levels did you get on the Bonus XP Weekend? I got 70-78 farming with 35 yews and 10 palms, and trained magic and smithing with the time I had left, getting one level in each.

Question from Blue October

Hey guys, long time listener but first question ever, congrats on #300 !
One of the things I like doing when im bored is reading the Runescape suggestion forum (it's always interesting to see what people come up with). So I thought why not pass some of these onto you;
3. Giving some basic member things to f2p (Better D'hide and Mage clothing (Mystic), lower parts in member skills like Fletching or Herblore , Baby Green Dragons)
4. Removing (or extending) the degradation time of Barrows armor (since Barrows armor originally came without it until people complained)
6. "Rebalancing" of the Ancient Spellbook by reversing the order of power, except miasma, (so ice would be the lowest Lvl ones, then blood, then the other two ( I don't remember their order)

Thanks guys,
Blue October

Question from Lord Paschendale
hello hosts

i have 2 questions this week

1: how does the ranking system work? (bronze member, iron memeber etc.)

2: what monster or skill is good to train with these skills? (82 combat)

(username: fastwesley)


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