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Audio Question from Golden White

Audio Question from Bunny Macaroni

Audio Question from Uncle Dano

Question from Ben
Dear Shane and his two man friends,

Have you tried Alien Swarm? If so, what did you think? If not, why the **** not?

Question from Jmycenae

Dear Shane, Kulla and Davo,

What do you think about using effigy assistance as a training method?

I have found that the easiest way to accomplish this is to simply go every 24 hours to world 117 at Daemonheim, where enormous crowds gather of players requesting and offering assistance. I turn public chat to "hide" since otherwise the comments stream by too rapidly to respond to assistance requests. Then, within a couple of minutes, BAM! 30k free xp.

I was able to get smithing from 94 all the way to 99 using almost exclusively effigy assist. However, when I got my smithing cape a few weeks ago, it just didn't seem as thrilling as I expected. It doesn't exactly feel like cheating to level up this way, but the feeling of accomplishment was a bit diminished.

What is your opinion?



Question from Des Zac
Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy Guuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyys (By the way I want Shane to say that EXACTLY AS IT IS TYPED!)

Q.1 - I'm thinking of playing RS again and renewing my membership, (I just haven't had any time to play lately) but I want something fun to do. I neeeeeeeeed to get to 60 Attack and Defense (I'm around 50ish in each) and am bored with most methods, any suggestions?

Thanks, your controversial consultant for crazy contraptions,

Question from trekkie

All mighty Gods of RSbandb update. and the cute voice of Kulla.

With so many updates to Runescape in the past few years, do you believe it is time to completely change how the report system works?
And of course you'll agree, what features would you implement for general, clan chat, and player mod report system?

Question from 99887
Icoming transmission from life form class: HSS99887

Greetings Fellow Sentients,

While exciting my retinae through the screen of my tele visual device (which at the time was displaying a film adaptation of one of the most successful african american drug cartel in history, run by Leroy Barnes) last week it came to my consciousness that the manner in which governments regulate Hallucinogens, Depressents, Stimulants and other psychoactives is rather futile. Thus i contemplated my actions if it were in my want and will to change this. 
I conceived the idea of a legalisation but stricter mandation of these substances, though the more dangerous ones would still be as current.

As equals i value your input. What do you have to say?

On a highly unrelated note, I was once made aware (by the one referred to as "Shane" as I recall) that the repeated bootstrapping over long periods of time can cause damage to computational equipment.
Why would this occur? Would what is referred to as "Stand-by" Prevent such detrimental circumstances?

As always,
input is acknowledged.

Question from Mrnoob
So, Shin-dibbly-do-diggity-dee-dor-dat-dug-dij-dem-shane, ku-li-lo-lielay-lul-la, and other guy, what kept you motivated when getting your first 99? Ive recently begun working towards 99 agility (made it from 46 to 82 doing just agility so far), but its getting to become extremely tiresome.

Question from Brimmk
Dear Shane, Kulla, and Davo


I just started to read "The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy" two days ago, as per my duty as a geek. Now, there is a little controversy around the book, not because it's dirty or truly controversial, but because some people hate it and some love it (e.g. I am loving the book and it's zany humor, but my sister hated it because she thought it was too existentialist).

My questions are:
1) Have you read the book?
2) If so, did you like it?
3) If not, why?
4) Do you always make sure you know where your towel is right now, and if so, where is it?
5) What do you get if you multiply six by nine? 42?!

Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!


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