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Question from Parkourman99

Hello Supurb Shane and Katastrophic Kulla!

My question this week is what do you think will happen in the end regarding Libya?
Do you think other countries will follow in the revolutionary foot steps of Egypt and Libya?
Do you think the "leader" will win or the people?


Question from ChrisT
Hello to the Swift Shane, and the Majestic King Kulla!

You're casually walking down the street, and suddenly from out behind a car you see a man running that looks EXACTLY like you from a distance. You run after him to catch up and after finally catching up and throwing yourself on top of him, you realize it is you! What would be your first question(s) after the knowledge that he is you from the future?

ChrisT. (Ivlage 7urt)

Question from Regnenth

Hey Super Smashing Shane and King Kulla

Have either of you stayed in a hotel before? If so, what is your worst experience staying in one?

Second question, do you think there would be anyway of incorporating Runescape or other MMOs into a real job and making real money, other than working for the company (the good lol
i way), or Real world trading with items/money in the game (the bad way)? 

Keep up the awesome show, Regnenth

Question from Jmycenae

Dear Shane and King Kulla,

I have been trying to contrive the most efficient way to use beasts of burden for resource-converting activities, such as charging air orbs or using the sawmill to convert logs to planks. It is inefficient to fill the beast of burden entirely, because then you would have to drop some items in order to switch the finished items in your inventory with the ones being held by the beast of burden. It seems efficient to fill the beast of burden halfway, and simply make one switch. However that makes me feel like I am wasting some of the space. I have tried just leaving 3 or 4 spaces open, but then to switch the items between your inventory and the beast's many clicks are necessary. That time could just as well be spent going back to the bank for another load.

Have you figured out the fastest way to do this? Please share your thoughts.



p.s. My name is pronounced Jay My See Nee. This is my first initial, J, followed by the name of the ancient Greek civilization, Mycenae. I like history.

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