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Question from Sxe Zilla
Hey Brad and Shane! These past couple of weeks I have been having some troubles with the runescape desktop app and the ever so heart pounding referendum for old wildy and free trade. The runescsape app has been closing by itself without me clicking 'X', the computer closing it down for an automatic reboot, etc. Like i said this has just recently begun to happen (typically happens when i am running around or nearing crowds, but that may just be coinsidence). As for the referendum, I am having difficulties getting to the actual voting page. I click on the button "Log In To Vote", log in, then the same page as before appears with no new information, so I click the same button again, and I am returned to the log in screen once again. Any ideas as to what could be wrong or how i could fix it? Good Luck and Happy New Years to you both.

-Sxe Zilla

Question from Ryan

Hey guys,

How did you guys celebrate New Years Eve? Did you make any resolutions and are you confident you can keep to them?

Thanks and happy new year,

Question from Canucks1

Hey, my question is a little less pointed at RuneScape, but should be interesting. I remember going on holidays a while back and trying konk. What is the weirdest food you guys have ever eaten?

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