The Weekly Brief

  1. Clan Avatars - Clan citadel benefits now extend down to the surface. Are you in a clan? Have you used the benefits of an avatar? If not, does this make you want to join a clan? With a selection of benefits for almost everyone are clan avatars the secret weapon Jagex claims they are?
  2. Double Cash this Week on the Squeal of Fortune - Cash prizes are doubled this week including the 200m grand prize. Also you may now convert any item you do not want to coins, these are doubled as well! Solomon’s General Store also received 6 new titles: The, Junior, Mr/Mrs, Master/Miss, Esquire/Ms, or Doctor!
  3. You can win lifetime membership - Like RuneScape on Facebook, enter your email address and display name and hope for some luck.
  4. Behind the Scenes Video 14: Hunter Distraction & Diversion - A new distraction and diversion is on the way that brings access to a private hunting area. No level requirements, invite your friends, with all these benefits, is there a downside due to bots?
  5. Combat Beta: Major Content Update & Weekend Event - The combat beta has been updated allowing access to more areas including all quests, dominion tower, and barbarian assault. As well as a new and improved ability book interface including a new ability, momentum. Also don’t forget to check out stealing creation for this weekends event.

Runescape Discussion

  1. Clan Avatars
  1. Feature rundown
  2. Requirements (material wise)
  3. Thoughts on extending clan benefits to the surface and does it make people want to join a clan?
  1. Squeal of Fortune Double Cash and the economy.
  2. Botting Clans Banned
  3. High Profile Accounts Banned
  4. 101 High Score Bots Banned
  5. Combat Beta Updates: More content, new ability interface and momentum


Question from Lord Fastwesley


I hope you have all had a great summer so far and that you continue to have a wonderful time living your life.

I only have 2 questions this week

If someone were to go into the video game movie industry, you know...machinima and stuff, what classes would you recommend for them to take in highschool and/or college


How much of an effect will the combat update cause to the market on armor such as bandos chestplates and special attack weapons like godswords?

And in what direction do you think the prices on armor, weapons, food, runes, arrows, and potions will go?

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my short but detailed questions and again:


Your Friend,

Lord Fastwesley

Question from Ka Pai

Hello Shane, Trekkie and Uncle Dano,

I have 3 questions;

If you could add one feature to any skill what would it be?

What form of xp do you think the sizzling summer 1.05m xp be in (xp lamps, xp boosting items)?

I am planning on putting the xp on summoning (68 currently) and agility (66), what are you going to spend the xp on?

Keep being awesome,


ka pai

PS what do you think of my Internet speed (signature)?

Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

What are the best monsters for me to train melee on with Level 108 Combat, 81 Strength, 80 Defence, and 80 Attack?


Question from Duke Juker

Dear hosts,

Have you ever been to a real life wedding? Whether or not you have, do you like them or not?

Currently, I have 2 weeks left in my membership. I can choose to skill, quest, or do tasks. What order should this list be done in?

Duke Juker

Question from TheLyon

Dear Hosts,

First, I'd like to pass on that recently a hidden runescape update was released which allows you to destroy your squeal of fortune cosmetic items and get them back from Diango in Drayor village. It's something that should have been available from the outset, helping save valuable bank space.

Second, I love the new customization interface, but I feel they should expand this to include more than just the Solomon store items. How would you feel about the ability to access all costume room items and squeal of fortune items via that same interface, including all capes, holiday items, and treasure trail rewards. It would make the costume room and Diango pointless, but other than that, I don't see any real downside to something like this.

Third, a question for Uncle Dano. You have a great speaking voice. Do you have any background or training in broadcasting, or is this your natural gifted voice? I've often wished I had one of those amazing speaking voices, like Liam Neeson or Morgan Freeman.

Thanks for the great podcast,


Tech News

  1. Windows 8 RT Tablets to sell for $300 less than Intel-based counterparts
  2. Facebook stock hits record low
  3. YouTube is teens’ No. 1 pick for music listening

Other Things

  1. August SKOTM Update 
  2. Achievements of The Week
  1. Lunastra - 99 Herblore, August 15, 2012
  2. Lipuro - 99 Fishing, August 14, 2012
  3. Blethorskite - 99 Dungeoneering, August 12, 2012
  1. Uncle Dano’s Pick:
  2. What have we been doing?

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  1. Episode Title: Avatar: The Citadel Edition
  2. Recorded Date: August 17, 2012
  3. Release Date: August 18, 2012
  4. Hosts: Shane, Trekkie, and Uncle Dano
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